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The Orchard Partners With SongAid To Support WhyHunger

Starting May 29th, companies across the entertainment industry are coming together to launch SongAid, an ongoing effort to fight the global hunger crisis exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic. SongAid is a global platform that activates artists, public figures, and fans to “collaborate through the simple act of listening.” 

SongAid will release new music weekly, starting today, from a growing list of contributing artists such as Tom Morello, Wilco, Galactic, Carlos Santana, Darryl “DMC” McDaniels, Yo-Yo Ma, Otis McDonald, and include curated playlists from Billie Eilish and Trevor Noah

Each time a fan listens to a song, streaming proceeds will go to WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund. The Orchard will distribute content through a partnership with SongAid, making songs available to fans listening on Spotify, Amazon Music, YouTube Music, Apple Music, and will allow for additional sharing on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. By listening to SongAid songs on a streaming platform of choice, or participating in SongAid’s virtual events, fans can help feed millions of people all over the world. 

Also, as a partner, The Orchard will donate its distribution fees to WhyHunger’s Rapid Response Fund. All proceeds from SongAid will be used to expand WhyHunger’s national Find Food Database and Texting service and Hotline, which connects seniors, children, veterans, hourly workers, and families impacted by hunger with free food and essential services. WhyHunger also provides support to frontline food pantries, small-scale farmers, and food chain workers facing unprecedented risks and economic hardship during the COVID-19 crisis.

In addition to the streaming playlists, which will be curated by the contributing musicians, SongAid will be supported by a series of virtual music, gaming, and art activations on social media platforms that will take place throughout the summer of 2020.  

The first installment of the SongAid playlist features Darryl “DMC” McDaniels & The HellRaisers’ “I Was Born”, Tom Morello’s “Save the Hammer for the Man”, Cindy Blackman Santana & Carlos Santana’s “Imagine” and The Silkroad Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma’s “Take the “A” Train.” 

Check out the tracklist and listen to SongAid Vol. 001 on your preferred streaming platform.  

  1. “I Was Born” – DMC and the Hellraisers
  2. “Amazing” – Martin Luther McCoy
  3. “Call Me Crazy” – Alge
  4. “Save The Hammer For The Man (Live)” – Tom Morello
  5. “Where There’s Smoke” – Magnetic Peaks
  6. “While Siena Sings” – Otis McDonald
  7. “Take The A Train (Live)” – The Silk Road Ensemble with Yo-Yo Ma
  8. “Octopus” – Big Light
  9. “Mania” – L 1ZY (ft. TrackTribe)
  10. “Imagine” – Cindy Blackman Santana (ft. Santana)

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