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SHAME on every creative art personnel who intentionally didn’t partake in ‘BLACK LIVES MATTERS’ online protest – Eric Toscar writes

Our brothers and sisters in the diaspora are the ones who buy and stream the music of our artists on the various distribution platforms like iTunes, Spotify, and co’.

They are the same people who buy tickets to attend concerts or shows organized for African artists in the USA, Canada, the UK, and the rest of Europe.

Last year, the ‘Year Of Return’ attracted over 1.5 million tourists to Ghana. Over 80% of the tourists were BLACKS from the diaspora. Artists and Actors, Businessmen, Event Organizers and Curators, Hotels and Restaurants, Clubs and Pubs, Tourist Centers and Tourist Guides, Artisans and Painters, Drivers, Prostitutes, etc. made huge revenue and income from their visit, with Ghana as a whole making over $1 billion (directly and indirectly).

I even got the chance to work at AfroNation Ghana as Africans and our brothers in the diaspora came together to celebrate the 4-day experience.  Thus if one feels it is wrong for us to share our displeasure at the treatment of blacks across the globe then middle fingers to you.

If anyone who thinks it wasn’t necessary for Ghanaians to join the protest, I want them to know Racism is inhumane, a killer of dreams and self-confidence; it can make one commit suicide or be depressed.

This is not a fight against only American racists, it’s a fight against RACISM across the globe. Don’t wait till your parent, sibling, cousin, aunty, and uncle who is out there in the mess to be the next victim before you support the course. Just pray it doesn’t happen to when you travel outside Ghana.

Opinion by Eric Toscar (A blogger)

*Opinion expressed by the writer is solely his.

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