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Fuse ODG shares financial message with Blacks in the diaspora

With various Black Lives Matter protests on-going, the world has witnessed the rise of blacks against racism after the unfortunate death of George Floyd in the case of Police brutality.

In finding a solution to the on-going issue in America, Ghanaian afro-beat star Fuse ODG has urged blacks in America to take the war on racism to the financial front instead of just peaceful protest.

In a social media post, Fuse ODG revealed causing a financial plague in America would bring about an impact in the Black Lives Matter campaign.

Fuse ODG tweeted,

Message to my black people in America from your siblings in the Motherland RIP George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery. Part 1…Time to boycott these American companies…let me know your thoughts and SHARE across

Fuse ODG has been at the forefront of presenting a new Africa as he has always championed the New Africa Agenda.

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