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An Effect of Stereotyping In the Movie Industry, Actress Vivian Jill Shares Her Story

Mostly in the Ghanaian movie industry, actors who started their careers with a certain style or role end up playing the same or similar roles throughout their careers.

Though convenient for some of them, some actors have had to deal with the ramifications of stereotyping.

Ghanaian actress Kyeiwaa for instance has had to deal with being branded a witch years after her “Kyeiwaa” sequel.

Ghanaian actress Vivian Jill has also shared her experience with being tagged with the mermaid role. She narrated a story of a child collapsing upon seeing her after the child watched a movie in which she played the role of a “mermaid”.

This has made the actress unwilling to take up such roles. To her, she thinks some of the casting directors are unwilling to give her new roles except for what she is known for.

Filmmakers, especially casting directors are advised to broaden the scope and be opened to new experiences with these actors. Also, they are to remember that the field of acting allows them to change the conversations with versatile people whose sole duty is to embody the various personalities in life.

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