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Amerado Reveals the History behind the “Mic Burner” Title He and Strongman Carries, Here Is All We Know

Like family names or surnames, some names or titles are used by different artists mostly because of their beginnings or a clan they find themselves in. The same can be said for the popular “Burner” name used by some artists in Ghana; including Amerado and Strongman.

Though these two popular “Burners” do not exhibit their closeness as some members from camps like AMG business do, according to Amerado, they all have strong ties and allegiance to the owner of the “Burner” name.

Narrating the history behind the Burner name Amerado said that the rightful owner of that name is Azee Ntwene Burner, a stalwart in Kumasi who discovers talents and produces for them. In the case of Amerado, he recalls Azee Burner taking care of his other needs aside from the music to support and nurture his talent. He added that this was the story for most of the artists in or from Kumasi especially those who bear the Burner title. However, like him, some of the artists have had to move on for various constraints they deal with as their brands begin to grow. Yet they maintain their loyalty to Mic Burner ergo, the title Burner on various artists.

He also admitted that, like a family, they also have their ups and downs, but are supportive of each other though the Burners might not be seen doing things together publicly. Amerado finally hinted a possible album, EP, or a song with Strongman Burner or another member from the Burner camp.

Story by: Matilda Mensah Marfo

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