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Amerado Replies to the President’s Dictum on 100 People for Gatherings

During the President’s latest address of the nation on the measures implemented to combat the spread of COVID-19 in Ghana, he announced the removal of some bans placed on some social gatherings like church services and others though under strict conditions to ensure that there are not outbreaks in such gatherings.

One group that has patiently been waiting for GO has been entertainment event organizers, artists, and other entertainment fanatics who enjoy attending live concerts or shows by their favorite artists or a crowded night out with friends. However, it seems the word GO was not said for those circles.

Though some entertainment connoisseurs opine that considering the numbers allowed to attend church services and the measures put in place by the church, entertainment events that host 100 or fewer people and can ensure the appropriate social distancing protocols should be allowed or can go ahead, exemplifying with birthdays, album listening, fundraising, to mention a few. Others on the other hand believe that with the nature of entertainment events social distancing protocols can hardly be ensured which is why they support the President’s dictum on such events.

The Menpe hitmaker, Amerado Burner, has added his voice on the matter stating that “ having an event with hundred people is just like going the virtual way, prevention is better than cure” he prefers going the virtual way till a clearance to host multitudes is issued. He added that if a show is organized for only 100 people, it means the selected 100 may have to pay more to at least even out expenditure for the show, yet most Ghanaians will be unwilling to pay so much for a show, which is why the virtual concert should be the go-to for now, and a mega concert that can hold 1000s ad charge less done later. He believes it would be very selfish on the part of the artists to push for a concert at the expense of the health and possibly the lives of their fans.

Hopefully, by the end of June, all these restrictions would be removed with artists going about their business. Amerado is currently promoting his latest song Twa So which features Fameye and streams on all digital music platforms.

Story by: Matilda Mensah Marfo

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