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Ruddy Kwakye joins the panel for the Anglophone series of Music vs Virus Africa Challenge initiative– Today!

The Music vs Virus Africa Challenge initiative was created by the AMFEST CREATIVE & ARTS FOUNDATION with the support of the World Health Organization (WHO) with the aim to use music as a tool to drive localized messages of prevention against the COVID 19 virus to the grass root in Africa. Nine African Producers from East, West & Southern Africa donated their intellectual properties in BEATS to help up & coming artiste put together messages in music geared towards being better informed about protection against the COVID-19 Virus.

It quickly saw African Artistes, Songwriters, and Producers from many countries uniting through music. Great piece of Arts have been submitted and the challenge now moves to the next stage which is Virtual Live performances to Judges from North, East & Western Regions of Africa on Instagram. The solidarity experienced also birthed a discussion series, which allows us to look into the Music Scene of Different regions of Africa with an intention to find ideas that can unite creatives in Africa in creating a hybrid sound that can easily become a consumable product among the 1.3billiom people of Africa.

The Francophone series went live last week and was a success, it has encouraged the team to go ahead with the Anglophone series that will have Mr. Ruddy Kwakye, the Executive Producer of AFRONATION as a guest with Jeremiah CHIKHWAZA (Artiste/Producer from Malawi) and King Terry (Artiste/Songwriter from Eswatini formerly known as Swaziland as guests on the virtual show). It airs 8:00/9:00 pm WAT today (20th May 2020) and Hosted by Olukayode Adebayo (Director of the AMFEST ART FOUNDATION, President of KAMedia Africa Ltd, a Media & Tech Company in Nigeria).

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