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Edem doesn’t want to hear you saying artists are rich – Here is why

Ghanaian artist Edem has stated he does not want to hear people referring to artists as rich.

There is a general perception that artists are rich due to their lifestyle and flashy videos, however, the VRMG Boss explained the most important aspect of an artist was seeing their hard work taking care of them in their old age rather than making money in their prime, which was an easy effort.

Ghana has seen some veteran artists and other creatives appealing for funds in their old age for various reasons.

In a tweet, Edem blamed that trend on his predecessors who he claimed ‘kissed ass and slept’.

He wrote;

From today I don’t want to hear anybody say Artiste are Rich..Making money in your Prime is eaay..Your hard work taking care of you when u grow is what’s most important …All the people before us..Trust me you ppl all do we yawa..For kissing ass and going to sleep

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