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Joey B hits close to a million streams on Lava Feels

Ghanaian rapper Joey B has hit close to a million within one week of releasing Lava feels.

The rapper currently has over eight hundred thousand (800,000+) streams across all platforms.

Celebrating his personal achievement, Joey B revealed this was the first time he was attaining such numbers with the first week of release.

He wrote;

#LavaFeels 400k streams in a week. m33siahs, no promo, no videos. the momo dier i dey come do am super charged trust me.

never had 400k+ streams in a week ever in my career. in a month or two, yes. not a week. chaley m33siahs God bless you. this is humbling.

At the time Joey posted the initial tweet he hadn’t added the over four hundred thousand stream on Audio Mack.

With Joey B hitting big numbers on streams, fans will be hoping it will encourage the rapper to release more projects as they have now allayed his fear of his songs getting slept on.

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