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Viral rapper AY Poyoo thanks E.L for putting food on his table

The latest addition to Ghana’s internet sensations, AY Poyoo has thanked Ghanaian rapper E. L for putting food on his table.

The Internet sensation who calls himself the face of Ghana Rap has been gaining online prominence since his first freestyle video went viral some weeks ago.

The rapper has gone on to enjoy some mainstream interviews from traditional media and he is looking to take his craft to the next stage.

AY Poyoo known for his bald cut and wearing of a silver chain, is all but grateful for a single tweet, sent out by E.L.

Thanking the Kaalu rapper for making his dream come through, AY Poyoo wrote;

A single tweet by @ELgh_ is now putting food on my table and that of my Mama. We going higher Folded handsFolded handsFolded hands.. Song by : @ELgh_ #Higher #MuumChampagne #MuumChampagneGhana #FaceOfGhRap #Washout

In response E.L asked AY Poyoo to celebrate his wins and ‘pop that champagne’.

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