Coronavirus Causes Dip in Streaming, But Catalog & Kids’ Videos Are Bright Spots

Research shows that over the past few weeks to a month of Coronavirus pandemic music streaming has been heavily affected.

The world music streaming bodies reports that a lot of digital platforms have been affected by the pandemic and hence streaming of music has dropped by a certain percentage

One would have thought that now that everyone is at home and mostly on their phones, there would have been an increase and high demand for digital music but unfortunately, it is not the situation. 

Muse Africa music curators realized that general music streaming on all platforms, Deezer, Spotify, and Apple Music are dropping and the speed was alarming.

Muse Africa believes that this is because most people have been engaged by their families and kids because in most countries there is a lockdown. 

From our research, we noted that kids’ catalog and videos are rather increasing. 

The music streaming dropped by 1% within the last few weeks. 

Now, what does it mean to musicians? The drop-in music streaming means that artists must take the music to the fans and encourage them to find a blend between taking care of their kids and listening to them.

Else where artists are jumping to video content by hosting a more free virtual concert for fans.

Artists can also join video sharing platforms such as TikTok or Thriller and use their music to create content that parents can share with kids. 

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