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Legendary Reggae Artiste Buju Banton had this to say about #COVID19 (Revealing Listen now)

The legendary reggae musician Buju Banton is asking people to see everyone around them as vulnerable. 

According to the legend, these times are difficult times and we need to treat it as such. 

At the beginning of the voice, Buju states that he knows his fellow stars have been talking but he wants his fans to hear from him too. 

Buju in a voice is heard saying that we should think of staying away to help not just ourselves but our community and nation as a whole.

Take a listen to the full voice as posted by Muse Africa on Instagram 

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Message from the Great @bujuofficial on #COVID19

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Indeed the coronavirus is not a disease to joke with and therefore we should support one another in these times. 

if you can stay at home to save the community kindly do so. 

Follow all prevention measures shared by WHO and stay safe. 

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