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Singer Efya’s safety Tip to fans on #COVID19 virus is What You Need now

Singer Efya gave probably one of the shortest but very deep safety tips to her fans on how they can stay safe in these trying times. 

The “Until the dawn”  hitmaker in a tweet said: “you are not invisible, stay safe”. 

We think this message looks very short but it’s so deep. Think about it for a minute, even though Ghanaians know that officially Ghana has recorded 7 cases, yet still, there are some Ghanaians who still think they are invisible to the virus. 

What these groups of people say often is, “if you will die, you will die”  and it will not be the sake of covid 19. There are others who also say “it is not corona Virus” that will kill me”.

Yes, for these reasons we think Efya’s tweet is so deep. 

 Don’t forget the President’s final words during his recent #COVID19 update:

He said: fellow Ghanaian, these are not ordinary times but with the grace of God we will get through it. (not quoting him verbatim). 

So yes, you are not invisible to this #COVID_19 virus so please stay safe out there. 

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