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George Wiredu Duah analyses the comedic responses to #COVID19 pandemic in Ghana

In our quest to throw more light on the Corona Virus and how quickly it is spreading among people in the world, every little idea or approach to educating the masses is accepted right now.

For some time now I have seen a lot of comedians using different approaches in their skits to educate their followers. Some of it is wild, others are a bit over the top but none does not need the kind of bashing the public and some entertainers are giving these guys.

Coronavirus education has caused a lot of tension in the town. Everyone is too careful because of how media is going about education hence some laughter will not only get people to relax but will send the message across faster.

I have seen actors like Kwaku Manu and Lil win been bashed heavily because of their approach but if you look at it carefully they might have just done a lot of education with those tagged hilarious skits.

Kwaku Manu was seen using a diaper as a face mask while Lil win was also seen crying and lamenting about the virus.

I agree with you, the two might be a bit over the top but it has the education in there. For the type of followers the two influence such a message might go across as funny but they will be educated about the deadly virus too.

For some people through these skits it Will be the first time they will hear about the virus and at least they will do so without being scared. Have you seen all the warming with all these social distancing and isolation?

The latter is good but it gets overwhelming sometimes especially when there is the wash your hands and uses hand sanitizers every time part.

Also, Recently, rapper Edem said that celebrities should educate their followers in local dialect meaning that lil win and Kwaku Manu are in the lead of reaching more people than others because of the dialect they use- Twi.

I know the world is scared and It’s probably not the time to be joking but if the jokes are sending home the message of precaution then why not.

Easy on Kwaku Manu and the other comedians’ doings skits with Corona Virus in the best way they can.

We all know that if these stars and comedians were quiet on this pandemic, fans and Ghanaians would have said they are too quiet and they don’t tap into trends.

Well, accept their approaches even though some will be a bit over the topmost of it are hitting it right by reaching the right audience with their approach.

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