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Can We Bring Back local Drama Series in all Languages to Educate People on #COVID19 ? George Wiredu Duah Writes.

Rapper Edem made a post on his Instagram page on 18th of March 2020 stating that we should educate our followers in local languages because it will drive the message of prevention and about #COVID19 virus faster.

His comment quickly took our minds back to when we had local drama series in all languages back in the days that aired on GTV. We had drama acted in Dagbani, GA, Twi and other languages.

So how about the government deploy GTV to create local dramas in all local languages to drive the conversation of COVID -19 home very well.

So far a the non-English speaking people are been misinformed and Muse Africa thinks that a local drama series on GTV will do the magic. So far few local media houses are preaching the message of this deadly virus but videos they say paint a thousand picture hence why not go use these dramas.

Ghana is now recording confirmed cases hence this is the time to drive home the awareness period and if possible push the prevention measures.

We will love to see all these local drama series back on our Television sets preaching the message just like it was in the olden days.

Let’s help the non-English speaking people by sending the right information across.

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