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“I was a singer and a choir leader in my church before Rap” – Yaa Pono

Rapper Yaa Pono has disclosed a secret about how he started music to Abeiku Santana and it got everyone talking.

The “Obiaa Wo ne Master” hitmaker mentioned that he started as a singer and from the church before this whole rap thing started.

According to Yaa Pono, he was the choir leader in his church where he started as a singer. The rapper also disclosed that his current manager was a drummer in the same church.

Yaa Pono also added that his best friend and hype man Sugar Kwame was also in the same choir and church he (Yaa Pono) was leading the choir. So it looks like the Uptown energy crew was formed in the church and brought to the streets.

Asked why he doesn’t talk about this, Yaa Pono, said, ‘it sounds like a cliche to me whenever I talk about the church thing because every music says the same thing’.

Interestingly, Yaa Pono proves that he started as a singer and in church with his new single ‘Dreams’.

Get the new song and listen.

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