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“Archbishop Duncan Williams refused to feature on my song”- Yaa Pono opens up

I was shocked when I heard rapper Yaa Pono openly say that Archbishop Duncan Williams ‘refused’ to feature on his yet to be released song called “Praises”.

In a chat with Abeiku Santana, Yaa Pono explained how the song came about as; “I was listening to some preaching of the Archbishop and I got inspired to do a song, so I put parts of his preaching into the song and it fit the song so beautifully”.

My team then approached the team of Archbishop to get his blessing to use his words and preaching in the song but they said no to us.

Yaa Pono then noted that he would have loved the Archbishop to at least listen to the song before saying no to him but they refused him just with the letter that was sent.

Talking to Abeiku Sanatana, Yaa Pono showed the single art cover and explained that the art cover was designed to get people to listen to the song but it’s not the true reflection of what the song sounded.

The “Amen” hitmaker also contended that he knows the song would have been a big inspirational jam for a lot of people but unfortunately until Archbishop agrees to the song it will not be released.

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