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What determines what you wear before you step out

Think about the event you attending:

This will help relieve you from last-minute rushing through your entire wardrobe. You need to do an outfit rehearsal before the day of the event this reduces disappointment. Fix up any tears, loose hems, stains, etc. or get them to a dry cleaner. Before the day of the event

 Thinking about the event include:

* What is the event? Is it formal, work interview, semi-formal, church, weddings or all-out casual but nice? Is it a formal party or are you just casually hanging with your friends?

* What will the weather be like?

* If the event will be in the day /night?

* Let a trusted person tell you how you look.

*  This might be friends, your partner your children, your parents etc. Then make use of them for the following questions:

* What are you wearing? (Only needed if you’re in so much doubt, you can’t figure out what to choose.)

* Which of my outfits do you think I look great on me?

Choose by style: It might be fashionable, but does it fit and look great on you? If not, don’t force yourself into it. Instead, stick with whatever makes you look wonderful. Gone are the days when only one style ruled the roost. You are liberated enough now to be able to choose what brings forth your best features. It’s okay if it’s not the kind of outfit you wear, it’s more important that you feel confident with what you have on.

* You can give add a current trend by adding an accessory that sums up the trend, be it by color, shape or logo

Be simple but classy: a lot of accessories aren’t necessary. Stick to your main piece and build around it with things that complement it.

* Remember texture, prints, and colors. Contrast is nice, but when everything clashes, it’s going to spoil your whole presentation.

* A scarf is cute, or necklace to match your outfit, nice bags or purses and shoes to make you complete and classy.

* Wear minimal make-up if you’re going all out with the clothes and more attention-grabbing makeup if your clothing is more simple red lipstick, lip gloss, nude makeup will do for too parked outfit and eyeliner.

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