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D Black confirms exit of 4 artistes from Black Avenue Muzik

CEO of Black Avenue Muzik (BAM) Desmond Blackmore also known as D Black, has confirmed the exit of Freda Rhymz, Dahlin Gage, Kobla Jnr and Wisa Greid from the record label.

The past few weeks has seen the exit of the 4 artistes from the label, though only Wisa Greid and Dahlin Gage publicly announced their exit.

Whilst there is yet to be an official statement from the label, D Black confirmed their exit at his “Smoke & mirrors” EP listening inside B.A.M premises on June 20th, 2019

According to D Black, BAM didn’t take the option of renewing Freda Rhymz’s contract after her 1year contract expired whiles Wisa Greid, Kobla Jnr, and Dahlin Gage asked for their contracts to be terminated because they wanted to explore options on their own.

Still on the label are S3fa, Ronny Turn me up, Nina Richie, DJ Breezy and Osayo.

D Black revealed projects for Nina Ricchie and Osayo would be launched as soon they got back to Ghana since they were not based in the Country.

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