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Wendy Shay responds to Kelvynboy’s song writing comments

Wendy Shay has responded to Kelvynboy accusing her of not writing her own songs.

Kelvynboy in an interview stated he could never ‘beef’ a singer who couldn’t write her own songs, stating Bullet (Wendy Shay’s songwriter and boss) had a dead vibe.

Bullet in return introduced fans to his male artiste Ray James to battle Kelynboy but it seems Wendy Shay wants to prove she can face the ‘afrobeats’ all alone.

In an Instagram post Wendy Shay stated she entered the industry in the 6th month of 2018. Released an album in 6 months, wrote 6 songs on it and won 6 awards. Further revealing she is about to drop 6 bangers with the caption ‘Songwriting Skills bi y3d3’ (some songwriting skill are sweet).

On her debut Shay on You album, Wendy Shay has songwriting credits on 6 songs namely Psalm 35, The Boy is mine, Astalavista, Shay On You, Masakra and Keep Moving.

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