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I am now a business man, Music is a Hobby – Hammer of the Last 2.

Hammer of the last 2 made great revelations about his label and what brought hm back to Ghana after the obrafour  Pae Mu Ka album. 

On Joy99.7fm Hammer disclosed that the last 2 was made up of two best friends from Presec. 

Hammer disclosed that after the Pae Mu ka album he left for the US but he had to run back after he was told that the Obrafour album they did was a hit.

In talking about royalties from the Pae Mu Ka album, Hammer of the Last 2 said he was not doing it for the money.

“I remember Abraham Ohene Djan asked me what i wanted from the whole album and all i said was put the last 2” – Hammer reminis

According to him he did what he did for the obrafour and the boys as a hobby. 

Still on Hammer, he gave us some good news he said: 

Soon you will hear music from yaw Deep of the last 2, the other member of the last 2 and later you will hear music from the two of us, the last 2. 

 But sadly he said he is not coming to do music full time. 

“I am not coming back to the music industry full time, right now i am a full time business man but the hobby is still there.” – Hammer ending words on music and the industry.

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