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I have released a lot of songs but still no hit – new Female artiste cries

Ghanaian singer Unyx believes it is hard being a female artiste in Ghana because all the fans want to see are nudes.

Unyx is the twin sister of Award-winning female DJ, DJ Nyce and was recently nominated in the Unsung category of the 20th VGMAs.

Formerly called BadGyal Unyx, the singer entered the music scene four years ago with a rendition of the late Vybrant Faya’s hit single ‘Mampi.

She has however failed to hit the main stream despite her numerous efforts.

In a video posted by the singer, she was of the view female artistes needed to show more skin in order to trend, a situation which puts her at a disadvantage.

She highlighted that factor as the reason She currently has no hit songs.

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