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“Will All FOKN Fans Donate GHS 30 ($5) Towards Raising Funds to Shoot Coz Ov Moni 3”- Mensa is Asking

One half of music duo FOKN Bois, Mensa put a calculation out on twitter asking all Fokn fans if they are prepared to raise funds to shoot their popular movie, Coz ov moni 3.

In a tweet Mensa wrote:

9 years ago, musicians Wanlov and Mensa who form the music duo FOKN Bois released the world’s first pidgin musical called: ‘Coz Ov Moni’.

The world’s first pidgin musical got great reviews from fans and movie expects so much that fans demanded for a part 2. In 2014 Fokn Bois listened to the cry of fans and released Coz OV Moni 2 (Fokn Revenge).

Fast forward in 2019, the music duo who won Alternative Artiste of the Quarter at Muse Bangerz of the Quarter accolades might be thinking of releasing Coz OV Moni 3.

This is because the movie went viral on twitter again recently when a fan shared some hilarious scenes from Coz OV Moni 1&2 telling the new generation that they missed something special.


Now, MuseAfrica is guessing that because of how fans responded to the world’s first pidgin musical movie FOKN Bois who are currently on tour and enjoying major air play with their ‘Account balance’ song might just film Coz OV Moni 3 real soon.

The big question Mensa is asking fans is; Will they be prepared to donate GHS 30 to raise funds for this noble course?

Enjoy Fokn Bois Account Balance while you look at your Momo and bank account balance to decide.

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