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Lip Gloss’ Big Comeback (Brands To Try Out).

Have you noticed lip gloss has made a big comeback in fashion and makeup, the same things that make us love lip gloss are pretty much the same things that make us wary of lip gloss. We want the high shine, but the stickiness can turn a breezy hair moment into a beauty casualty unless you have short her then you’re safe.

We also want our lips to look full, but we also want them to stay hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. So it was much to many women’s chagrin when lip gloss reemerged as a beauty trend in 2019.

I think lip gloss had faded out because there was a really long phase the last few years on driving long wear makeup. So most women were focused on the matte lipstick we looked for things that didn’t really need touching up. But now lip glosses are back to stay and this time they come in different colors not just the plain clear ones we’re used too…. since the trend Is back check out these lip gloss brands and try “em” out.






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