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5 brow gels every girl must try

As the world evolves so does our makeup and other things , we all know where make up started from I’m talking the Egyptian queens from Nefertari ,Cleopatra, Nefertiti and a lot we don’t know about.

But since then it has improved drastically from foundations, to face powder, to eye brow pencils , the way make up is even applied. But not until recently did we realize that there are a lot of products we didn’t know we needed.

In addition to lip liner that every girl loves, the brow gel is also on the list of beauty products you never knew you needed until you’ve tried them. The mainstay brow tool ensures our brow hair stays in place and helps out in the volume department too.

In short they’re a must-have. If you’ve been missing out on the single item that will take your brows from basic to bomb, then shop the formulas in the gallery below.

Sigma tint + tame brown gel

  1. Anastasia Beverly hills brows drip

Glossier  boy brow

Mac prolong wear  waterproof brow set

Eyeco London brow gel

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