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Selena Gomez’s new Puma collection is to die for.(check it out)

Selena Gomez’s comeback is anything but regular. It seems like she  hasn’t taken any breaks  since she re-entered the spotlight, hot  on the heels of releasing a swimsuit collection collab with her best friend she has now released a new collection with puma

Her new collection includes a range of travel and athletic apparel including sporty clothes, sneakers and other accessories. Selena said the items features hidden messages that refer back to important things in her life.

“My favorite thing about it is that it gives different nods to me, to my history. The graphics show the places that hold a special piece in my heart, my birthday, my tattoos, my identity,” Selena said in a press release about her collection.

She joined puma in 2017 and released her first collection in 2018 after she joined as an ambassador. Her new collection is now available In stores.

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