TeePhlow and I challenge ourselves – Strongman debunks beef rumors

Rapper Strongman has debunked rumors of ‘beef’ between TeePhlow and himself, referring their rivalry as a challenge.

In an interview with Dr Pounds on Hitz Fm’s Hitz Gallery, Strongman stated the two rappers weren’t enemies.

“There is no beef between TeePhlow and I, I think it’s the fans who fuel such a thought.” He said

“I think we both challenge ourselves. If I release, I want everyone to see me as the best, if he does it’s the same feeling, however we don’t hate ourselves.”

On why they don’t have a song together, Strongman stated it was due to timing.

“We have been on some songs together, but there hasn’t been a song with just the both of us. It hasn’t happened due to timing but I’m always open to be on a record with him.”

TeePhlow and Strongman have had a rivalry since they both featured in the Next Big thing in Gh Hiphop show won by Strongman.

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