LIFESTYLE: ‘Everyone Has A Story’

Like superheroes, we all have an origin story. We’re all on a journey across space and time to a destination unknown.

We get so caught up in our own race that we rarely consider that the ‘extras’ in the movie we call our lives, have lives that are as vivid and complex as ours.

Haven’t you ever been curious about what goes on in other peoples’ lives? Haven’t you ever, for a quick minute, just wondered about the stories of the passersby you come across each day?

On my Lifestyle session here, I’ll be sharing with you my encounters with the culture and lifestyle of the everyday Ghanaian.

This is the series PART 1; don’t worry; it won’t be a ‘Kumawood’ movie.

Between the Muse Africa office and my house, I find myself sailing on a sea of souls (yes, I get poetic sometimes) suddenly aware of all these people and their stories, each of which is just as unique as the next.

On one of my trips to work, I, along with the other passengers became audience members to a lady’s phone call. Now, as interesting as the conversation was, I don’t think its right for me to be the one to share the intimate details of her ‘private’ talks. By the time I had reached my stop, though, a few passengers had engaged her and given her their two cents (pesewas?).

That’s one of the beautiful things about the Ghanaian culture though isn’t it? The confidence and … comfortability to have very private conversations in public and have people take an active part in your life even if you’ll never see them again. Strangers almost become extended family members

I put together a little montage of some of my travels to which I hope you can relate. [Music: Kwarteng – Weytin ft Ssnowbeatz]

Call it my side of the story; the Woman’s call versus my interest. I hope my story was not a ‘Kumawood’ one.

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