Ghana Association of Songwriters comment on the 80% Ghana music Brouhaha

The Ghana Association of Songwriters wishes to firstly, express its concerns regarding the recent discussions on Ghanaian music not gaining local rotations on radio, consequently resulting in its low patronage across our borders, and to offer solutions to the situation.

It is obvious that recently, most new and upcoming artistes lack the core knowledge in songwriting concepts and themes.  The Ghanaian music scene is currently going through an unfortunate phase of premature punnism/wordplay in compositions, coupled with indecent metaphors, resulting in mediocre songwriting and production.

There is the need for our local musicians to endeavor to broaden their scope of creativity during song compositions and productions.

We believe the Ghanaian music industry will get better and go across the borders to represent us more positively if we refrain from the unnecessary copying of foreign culture in compositions and engage in more psychological research into songwriting and its effect on the society.


Finally, once the composition and production of good songs are done, musicians should seek professional consultancy services on how to apply concentrated marketing strategies, before the release of the songs to ensure the success of their craft.


We trust this release will help to restore and also redirect our focus on songwriting and production.







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