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“Patapaa called me for a feature but I said no; he makes too much noise” – Kuami Eugene.

Ghanaian Highlife artiste and songwriter, Kuami Eugene, in an interview with Regina Van-Helvet on Rythmzlive says that Patapaa makes too much noise in his songs.

Rumors have it that the ‘Confusion’ singer and the ‘one corner’ hit-maker had agreed on a deal but Kuame Eugene turned it down.

He said, “Patapaa said he needs me on a song, he’s calling me for a feature and said I no, because I’m not ready”.

When asked if Ghanaians should wait for collaboration from them in the future, he answered negatively by saying, “People shouldn’t wait. It’s never going to happen, Patapaa’s kind of songs is not what I stand for?

He makes too much noise”.

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