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Rosemond Brown apologizes to Medikal for falsely accusing him of rape

Social Media star Rosemond Brown has finally apologized to rapper Medikal for falsely accusing him of rape.
Rosemond accused Medikal in one of her trending videos of attempting to rape her but the rapper in an interview denied the allegations and advised the actress to retract and apologize to him.
Speaking in an interview on Neat Fm, the Actress stated she meant no harm with the video but only said it was for fun.
She however said Medikal was aware she would do a video for him but not the content.
“Medikal is aware that I will do a video for him but he didn’t know what I was going to say in the video… ‘So, I said that I don’t love you, Medikal. I beg you to stay with Sister Deborah. If I hadn’t gone out of SOHO, you would have raped me,” she said.


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