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Top 5 Luxurious cars 2018

Are you a car freak like I am, well here are top 5 luxurious cars according Auto Express, and their prices

Bently bentayga worth about $195,000 converting to ghana cedis 862,875.00 Ghanaian Cedi

Porcshe panamera worth about $86,050 also converting to Ghanaian cedis 380,771.25 Ghanaian Cedi

Mercedes S class also worth about $176,400 and in Ghanaian cedis 780,570.00 Ghanaian Cedi

BMW 7 series it also worth about $162,200 in Ghana cedis 717,735.00 Ghanaian Cedi

Rolls Royce Phantom Finally to Rolls Royce Phantom its worth about $250,000 and in Ghana cedis 1,106,250.00 Ghanaian Cedi

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