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Against the Odds, Ghana’s First Special Prosecutor Martin Amidu

Welcome Mr. Martin Amidu, former Attorney General and Minister of Justice from 2011-2012 to his new position as Special Prosecutor. Mr. Amidu is the first Special Prosecutor in Ghana, who had a lawsuit filed against him by Mr. Dominic Ayine, Senior Barrister of the Superior Court of Ghana, due to the fact Mr. Amidu is 66 years old and was seen as too old for the position.

However, on the 13th of February, 2018 Mr. Amidu endured 7 hours of vetting by the Appointment Committee of Parliment. According to Citi FM  over 180 questions were asked, 9 questions were overruled, 45 questions were asked by the majority and 136 by the minority. After hours of vetting Mr. Martin Amidu can now fulfill his position in office combating corruption as he seeks to do.

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