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Have You seen the Tweet by Nana Appiah- Questions gathered from it by MuseAfrica

Earlier in the week Muse africa did a story that Ebony was headed to Zylofon Music before this tragic incident but apparently the deal was not smooth transition.

Some one wanted to be free while the other wanted to smoothly and clearly ‘Steal’ an artiste.

Muse Africa wants to ask a few question;

1. What does Nam 1 mean by Free?

2. Did the Zylofon man think About what the 20 years super star meant by ‘Bail out’

3. So Zylofon agreed on a deal with Ebony with out reps from Ruff Town? I am sure Mr. Appiah knows the implications of that.

4. Was the tweet even necessary in the first place

5. Is the Zylofon man heartless or he meant well but what does ‘I hope You free Now’ means? Did he know about the Prophetic prophesies too?

6. Does the Zylofon Ceo know how to build an artiste from ground up? What has Zylofon done with its new artiste like Obibini after how many years of signing.

7. Did the Zylofon Media man think about the implications of saying ‘let’s protect our female artiste’

8. Did Ebony (May her soul Rest In Peace) ever looked like her label was not giving her what she wanted after five hit songs, debut album and successful concert

9. Were Bulldog and Sammy Flex not briefed and did they even sit in the meeting? Was there an advice to the Ceo.

10. When Ebony said she wanted to be Free, was it before or after the agreement was reached?

11. Would have Ebony really been free?

Share your thoughts with us now.

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