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Agya Koo TV launched

Over the weekend the Ministry of Tourism, Arts and Culture and Agya Koo launched Agya Koo TV on 2C TV. A crowd came to support and in attendance and participation was the Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture Madame Catherine Afeku. NewsXMuse were able to capture the event and got feedback regarding how Agya Koo TV can influence the millennials. But the real question is now relevant is Agya Koo TV going to be in the long run.

The purpose of Agya Koo TV is to push local content instead of Ghanaians watching tele novellas and foreign TV shows. If we are honest content for televising shows in Ghana is lacking.

There is a reason why audiences are turning to foreign content. Ghanaian TV shows are lacking in terms of quality production, quality writing and creativity. Local content needs an upgrade and a push into current culture to keep the youth engaged if they want their support.
NewsXMuse will follow up to give readers full updates on the progress.

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