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Who Rocked it better at the 2018 Grammys Queen B or Bad girl Riri

Beyonce and Riri fashion highlight at the Grammys

The internet was buzzing over the outfit of Beyonce at the Grammys. Bey is known for her elegant outfits over the years at the biggest music festival in the world.

This year she wore a stunning black suede dress that flowed,with cut shoulders and in the fronts of the the dress all the way upwards revealing her thighs and stunning long legs. She complemented her outfit with a flat suede black hat as well with slender black block heels. She didn’t stop there she went on to give finishing touches to her outfit by wearing long triangular earrings, Check it out.

Now to Rihanna badgirl Riri she stole the hearts of many . Her outfit I should say was very cool. She rocked a pink dress and orange leggings whiles performing wild thoughts with Dj Khalid and Bryson Tiller .



After her performance she changed into a leathery wine attire and received an award with Kendrick Lamar for best rap/sung collaboration.


For the after party Riri was seen wearing a gold silvery warp with black pants to match it. So now tell us who rocked it better.

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