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Shocking Abortion Statistics…Save Our Girls

In recent news, disturbing statistics are showing a shocking number of abortions being performed in Ghana. According to the Public Health Facilities in Ghana it has been recorded that in 2017 there were 53,114 abortions performed, 13, 918 of those abortions were unsafe procedures. Some of those unsafe procedures were recorded among the youth.

Girls from as young as 10 years old through to 19 years old are having abortions.
In 2017 alone 347 girls ages 10-14 had an abortion.
According to Ghana Times, The Greater Accra Regional Health Director Dr. Linda Van Otoo has stressed that abortions should not be used as a form of contraception to prevent pregnancy among women. Dr. Van Otoo also suggested that the schools should intensify sexual reproductive health education and it should be pushed at the primary level. Dr. Van Otoo encourages girls to not rely solely on men for support however they should work hard and encourage themselves through education. Unfortunately there are many areas in Ghana and in Africa were young girls are sleeping with older men in order to pay their school feels. As a result some may be getting pregnant and therefore find themselves at the front end of an abortion procedure.

Let’s take a deeper look into this. Could it also be that a number of these abortions being performed on these young girls are a result of rape? In the Ghanaian culture, rape is not treated to the highest level of crime like it should be. Young girls are doing what they can to get rid of the result of an unfortunate and horrific experience. What can be done to help?
The educational system can not be solely responsible for educating these young girls about sex. It should start from home. Perhaps we need health care professionals to go into towns and villages to assist with providing the correct sex education as well as educating homes as part of a community outreach. Protective measures need to be put in place to help young girls when faced with the thought of abortion whether they became pregnant from consenting intercourse or via sexual abuse. We need to support and educate our young girls.

Melissa Nana Takyiaw

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