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Pay 580GHS to become a pro member of MUSIGA, Obour to Kwaw Kese

Hiplife musician Kwaw Kese does not pay his dues as member of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA), President of the union Obuor has revealed.

This comes after Kwaw Kese said that Obour dosent treat musicians with much respect that they deserve

Musigha or whatever they call it is the most corrupt institution in Ghana. How can you have a musicians’ grand ball and not invite musicians,” Kwaw Kese tweeted.

In response to the tweet, Musiga President Obuor told Bola Ray in an interview on Starr Chat on Starr FM    that the grand ball was not meant for musicians but to raise funds for specific activities of the union.

” It is not a day for musicians; the grand ball is a fundraising event so we even reach out to musicians to buy tables. The MUSIGA grand ball is managed by a board and the board gives directives. Every individual soul that attends grand ball, the board spends $100 on the person because the person will eat. Our food bill is GHC200 per plate. Each year we have MUSIGA pro-members there. This year pro-members such  as Becca, Celestine Odonkor, Ohemaa Mercy and others were there and so they have one table”.

Bola Ray then asked Obour when Kwaw Kese will be invited to the grand ball, and obuor replied: “If Kwaw Kese is a MUSIGA pro-member; he is not a professional member. A pro-member is a musician who pays GHC580 year to MUSIGA and Kwaw Kese is not”.

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