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Musical group VIP is set to celebrate its 20 years as musical group, the group whose vision started 20 years ago was formed with the help of Friction who later left the group to finish his education in the USA.

But that didn’t stop the movement; VIP continued their vision as a dominant group in Ghanaian music with Zeal as the head of the group and released hit songs such as “Ahomka Womu” “I Think I Like Am”, “Besin” “Da Ben Na Odo Beba” “Obaa Sweety” and many others.

The group won many awards at the Ghana Music Awards such as “Artiste of the Year”, “Song of the Year”, “Hiplife Artiste of the Year”, “Hiplife Song of the Year” and “Hiplife Album of the Year” all in 2004.

In 2013 Promzy who has been part of the group’s success left the group for reasons best known to him, Promzy’s departure came as a surprise to many VIP fans. In that same year 2013 when fans were still wondering why Promzy had left, founder of HipLife music in Ghana Reggie Rockstone aka Grandpapa joined the group a news which shocked the music industry.

With its new member Reggie Rockstone the group changed its name from VIP to VVIP and has released several hit songs such as “Selfie”, “Dogo Yaro” and “Koliko”.



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