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Potential tourist sites in Accra that are being overlooked .

There are a lot of places that can serve as tourist sites in Ghana but we don’t regard them as such , here are a few I complied.

Osu night market : Where a lot of people go to get food .It is basically a grand food joint, you can get any African dish there like fried yam , kenkey, fresh fish , etc etc . I myself went there one time and had their kenkey and I must say it was amazing , freshly from the fire “whooooossshhhh  hamazing mhern”.


Osu Oxford street: By it’s name it gives away it’s location, it has a lot of activities to keep you engaged so already a lot of people visit the popular Oxford street for different reasons. Apart from that, there are frequent street shows that are held  there , some shows like  Osu oxford carnival and a lot more.



Kantamanto: Yes , yes , yes the famous Kanta , speaking out of experience kantamanto is a very cool place well aside the mad crowd it’s really cool, its where I go to get my clothing  because well its affordable and quality. Its not just clothes you can get from utilities to utensils name it.



Abgobloshie:  It’s a grand market center where everyone goes to get food substances groceries etc etc , but I think onions are more in that sector , just my observation. But it’s just like kanta a very cool place  to visit .



Flagstaff House : The flagstaff house another interesting place , the building itself attracts you and makes you want to see more


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