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Dope waakye joints in Accra

During my search for waakye one morning, it took me a while to get some and I said to myself why not create awareness online for waakye lovers who don’t have a specific joint they eat from so here are  some  dope waakye joints you can try.


EXTRA O waakye : located at lapaz it’s  very dope yes I can say because I had the liberty to try it and my taste buds were buzzing  with joy , yeeessss!!!! That’s food.


AUNTY MUNI waaakye : located at Labone  after coffee shop road, people another bowl or plate of life trust me I won’t talk much just try it.



ATOMIC Waakye: well the name says it all its located at Atomic junction and hmmmm, people I don’t If this one na juju oww the waakye is the bomb I couldn’t get enough of it. And finally



TUNGA waakye : “eih eih eih” my lord waakye mu waakye , this waakye joint erhhnn I won’t disclose its location if you know you know .  TUNGA “ anaaa   3nuaaa  ni waakye”  . Anyways its located at dansoman yes! .

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