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African Foods you can try


Ghanaian Red Red

Ingredients : beans , red oil , plantain , gari(optional)


Nigerian Abacha

Ingredients : cassava, red oil, onions , cray fish, pepper and garden eggs .


Liberian cassava leaf stew with chicken

Ingredients : bunches of cassava leaf , hot pepper, onions , dried fish, chicken , beef salt, palm oil , chicken bouillion cubes .

SouthAfrican best  bobotie

Ingredients :vegetable oil, minced onions , beef, milk , hot chutney , curry powder, salt, black pepper , 1large egg ,bay leaf.


Egyptian Koshary

Ingredients: can chick peas ,(garbazo beans ),  red wine vinegar, ground coriander , ground cayenne pepper , ground cumin package ditalini pasta, short grain rice , cold water , dark lentils ,salt , ground black pepper , olive oil , yellow onions , 3cloves of garlic , can crushed tomatoes , butter, chicken stock , can French- fried onions .


Sudanese sweetened semolina (kuindiong)

Ingredients : water , natural yoghurt , milk , semolina , sugar ,

Miok: butter , natural yoghurt



Ghanaian jollof

Ingredients : rice , meat , fish , tin tomato , onions , pepper , vegetables , cooking oil ,ginger , garlic , 2stock cubes.


Algerian beef, potato and olive tagine.

Ingredients : beef , potatoes , kalamta, onions , gralic cloves , ground coriander, cinnamon sticks , bay leaf , salt and pepper.


story by Ewurabina Everett

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