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I  want to know who you think  rocked it better in the motorsport video , the fashion battle between nicki minaj and cardi b . Onika Tanya Maraj known as Nicki Minaj in the music industries world wide born on the 8th of December 1982 .As we all know she is a rapper ,  singer song writer model and actress . she was born at saint james trinidad and Tobago ,  Nicki is  the Queen of rap based on most of her amazing rap singles  I`m sure you`d agree with  me.


Belcalis Almanzar  guess who that is , your girl cardi b ” damn” even her name is sexy anyways the bodak yellow hitmaker born on October 11th 1992 in the Bronx was noticed by the public by her story talking about how she began as a stripper , that landed her the Queen of street rap.



Now to the main deal migos motorsport video who rocked better ???

Nicki or Cardi , Nicki was in lengthy long braids that touched the floor , although people ‘dissed” her  for it I think it was pretty cool , Cardi was also in multi colored lace fronted weave tho  they  where both wearing leather they rocked different designs .  Knowing our “bootaylicious” Queen Nicki and her “outta” this world sense of fashion, she was wearing long transparent boots that matched her leather outfit , Cardi was also in the same length boots that had the same color as her  outfit , I  mean if you have seen the video you`d know what I am talking about .


You know what would have been” killer” if the two shared the same shot together , just imagine seeing Nicki and Cardi in picture killing it together that would have been “sick” .   comment below and let me  know who you think killed it .


story by Ewurabina Everett
































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