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Tips you didn’t know could help you when you meet a new guy you like.  

Here are tips which can help you when you meet a new guy.

  1. Conversation- it’s important. Can you enjoy each other’s conversation…does he get your sense of humor…do you get his?
  2. Do you both have mutual interests. Does he take a genuine interest in what you like.
  3. What triggers him. If he has a bad temper or is quick to get angry that is usually a red flag and can cause problems down the line.
  4. Ask your parents for advice. Talk with your mum, auntie, grandma, big sister about who you like. They know and they can also guide you to make good decisions.
  5. Fatherly advice, whether he is your biological father, a brother or uncle a mans advice can help. Men know men and they will also know if the guy is serious once they meet him or get to hear a little bit about him.
  6. Check his heart…not literally but his motive. Does he have good character…is he honest, does he give to others out of generousity?
  7. Take your time. No need to rush anything. Create your boundaries. Date in open places and build a friendship. If he’s serious he will stick around.
  8. Make sure he is SINGLE!

Story by Melissa Nana Takyiaw

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