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This is what Berla Mundi said in agreement to Yvonne Nelson that got everyone shocked!

Do you remember the Yvonne and Berla Mundi fight on twitter about some Married men and all that.

Berla Mundi initially refused to comment on the tweet but finally the new co-host of Starr Drive opened up saying ‘“lets talk about irresponsible fathers, it is unfortunate”  she said that because Yvonne had a tweet out saying “To all the fathers out there who are irresponsible F you”

She initially declined to comment on the tweet when asked to do so by Geovanni Caleb, her Co-host on Starr Drive on Star 103.5fm. But she finally gave up and went on to crack a joke about creating headlines out of the comment.

Sorry guys looks like the Berla, Yvonne Fight is officially OVER.


Story by Ewurabina Everette

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