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10 annoying things younger sisters do but they are still our best friends

You love your younger sister right? However the bond wouldn’t be real if at some point in our lives a younger sister doesn’t get on almost every nerve. They can be a pain in the butt. However we wouldn’t want to be without them.

1. Using my makeup-
Yep… we have all been there. As the older sister we tend to be able to afford more expensive things once we have a job that pays well. To our younger sister this screams FREE STUFF. No! Hands off!

2. Clothes-
If you and your sister have not exchanged clothes then are you really sisters? We know sometimes we won’t get our clothes back and we might have to get her to riffle through her dirty laundry two months later for that glittery top we didn’t want her to borrow but eh…sisterhood I guess.

3. Hairbrush –
Same applies as the clothes and make up hands off! But we would rather see you with neat and kept hair. It seems like everything the older sister has is better.

4. Snitching-
Aw! The good old sibling right of passage. When your sister snitches whether or not it’s your fault, you know you will get into trouble because you are older. Just deal with it and hide her phone later. Then she will snitch again. Ah…the never ending cycle.

5. Eat your food-
Sharing is supposed to be caring. But not when she eats your takeaway from the other night that you had with your boyfriend. You had lovely evening with bae, couldn’t finish your meal a the restaurant, brought it home to enjoy later and who should pop up asking for some…your sister. Smh!

6. Answer your phone to talk to your friends –
Your friends may think this is cute but it’s not to you. So next time, text her crush from her phone (haha)

7. Tries to hang out with you and your fiends. Sometimes this can be annoying but hey she thinks your cool enough. So every once in a while is good.

8. Wants you to take her and her friends everywhere –
Go ahead and take her and her friends places from time to time. You’re the cool big sister remember.

9. Wants to sleep in your room sometimes-
This was cute when you were kids, however the two of you are practically the same size now. So sleep overs are not as comfortable.

10. Calls you to tell you about a boy-
Let’s admit it. This is what you love about your sister. She could have chosen anyone in the world to share her pointless story with but she chose you!

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